Moving to Switzerland and Fake Cheese

In roughly two months, my family and I will be moving from the United States to Switzerland. I have two boys, and my youngest son, who is highly allergic to milk, will turn one next month. In this blog, I will describe our adventures in raising a child with a milk allergy, while living abroad in a country where we don’t speak any of the four official languages. Likely topics will include navigating food labels (which may all be printed in English too?), managing doctor’s visits, and keeping the little guy away from all the delicious chocolate and cheese that Switzerland has to offer.

As part of this blog, I hope to share my favorite quick and healthy dairy-free recipes. For example, below is a photo of my latest concoction, otherwise known as tonight’s dinner. This was my first attempt at cooking with fake cheese, and everything about it just feels wrong. Maybe others have had better experiences, but I will not buy this stuff again. Fake cheese may be hard to find in Switzerland anyway. I have so much to learn and discover…

Mac ‘n Fake Cheese with Peas

If you’re also raising a milk-allergic child, please follow my blog and share your experiences and knowledge. In particular, if you can provide information or resources for families that are specific to Switzerland, that would be great. Thanks for your help!


2 thoughts on “Moving to Switzerland and Fake Cheese

  1. Krista says:

    Hi friend, have you tried the nutritional yeast approach to fake cheese, or was this one of those tapioca-type cheeses? I made Maren a nut. yeast mac n cheese, and although it was was decidely un-cheeselike, it WAS appealing in its own way. Let me know if you want recipes. 🙂 Krista

    • dairyfreeswitzerland says:

      Hi Krista! Thanks for weighing in. We had the tapioca-type cheese. Just saw recipes with “nutritional yeast” as an ingredient the other day. Had never heard of it before, but looks like something I should start using… Yes, I may need to try your recipes! 🙂

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