Visiting Friends and Pumpkin Bread

Our departure date is nearing, and we’re starting to say goodbye to friends and family. Now, when we’re visiting folks before the big departure, we bring along allergy-friendly food for the baby. Today, we arrived with pumpkin bread.

I love homemade baked goods–eating and making them. With my son’s milk, egg and potentially peanut/tree nut allergies, I’ve had to either adapt my existing tried-and-true recipes or find new ones. For example, I have a pumpkin bread recipe that’s one of my staples. I frequently make it, especially in the fall, and I like to keep an extra loaf in the freezer.

Instead of finding a substitute for the eggs, I turned to the Internet to see what other options I could track down. Using the search terms, “vegan pumpkin bread,” I came across a great recipe for allergy-friendly pumpkin bread from actress Alicia Silverstone, who’s a hard-core vegan. We omitted the nuts and flaked coconut, but the coconut milk was a great addition.

I need to do more baking with coconut milk. Hopefully we can easily find this allergy-friendly ingredient in Switzerland!

Updated December 8, 2013


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