Departure Countdown and Ethnic Foods

Less than two weeks until we leave, and I’m starting to wonder about whether we can find “ethnic” ingredients in Swiss markets. In my local grocery stores now, I can easily find and purchase items like masa harina or soba noodles, for example. This week, I made two allergy-friendly recipes with these ingredients, which my kiddos gobbled up.

See below for photos of the recipes I tried this week: arepas (left), and cold soba noodle salad (right). I served the arepas with beef/bean chili (sans cheese). They were best served warm, straight from the pan. I used the recipe from the bag of masa harina, but found a good description of these Latin American pancakes and a similar recipe from Chef Mom. The soba noodle salad was loosely adapted from a recipe in Takeaway, by Les Huynh.


While I’ve slowly started developing a repertoire of allergy-friendly recipes and meals—relying heavily on “ethnic” foods available in the U.S. that are generally egg- and dairy-free—I’ll probably have to start over in some ways, once we arrive in our newly adopted country. I’m very curious about what options I’ll have at our local markets and grocery stores. Our host city is much smaller than say, Zurich or Geneva, but I’m hopeful that these or similar ingredients will be available to us. And, there’s always the Internet and care packages from our families back home!

FYI – This will be my last post from the U.S. Next stop, Switzerland!


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