Banana-Cocoa-Oatmeal Scones

The baking experiments continue… I made banana-cocoa-oatmeal scones for today’s morning snack. From our breakfast, I used up half a banana my son wouldn’t eat and our leftover oatmeal. Everything is so expensive here in Switzerland that I hate to throw anything away!

Once again, I didn’t use any measuring cups or spoons. I just dumped ingredients in a bowl, mixed them together, and threw it in the oven. This hasn’t always worked out, but I’ve been lucky so far.

At our local grocery store, I was pleased to find vegetable-based margarine. Today was my first time using it for baking. It’s the store brand, which I’ve found does a good job of labeling potential allergens. And, it’s much cheaper than the organic options.

We heard that our shipping container is somewhere near Antwerp, so we should be receiving it soon. I’m looking forward to getting my kitchen tools and gadgets back in use. Once I perfect my scone and other recipes with the proper measurements, I will add them to this site, for those that are interested.


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