Milk Ingredients: French, German and Italian Translation

Our local Swiss allergist recently gave us a list of milk-based ingredients in French. To the extent it might be helpful, I’ve shared her list below, along with the German and Italian translations.


Milk, Lait, Milch, Latte

First, these products and ingredients traditionally contain milk, unless otherwise specified (e.g., soy-based products):

English French German Italian
Cheese Fromage Käse Formaggio
Yogurt Yoghourt Joghurt Yogurt
Cream Créme Sahne Crema
Butter Beurre Butter Burro
Ice Cream Crème glacée Eiskrem Gelato

In addition, the following ingredients indicate the presence of milk:

English French German Italian
Milk, milk powder Lait, poudre de lait Milch, milchpulver Latte, latte in polvere
Skim milk, skim milk powder Lait écrémé, poudre de lait écrémé Magermilch, magermilchpulver Il latte scremato, latte scremato in polvere
Milk proteins Protéines lactiques, protéines de lait Milchproteine Proteine ​​del latte
Evaporated milk, Condensed milk Lait évaporé, lait concentré Kondensmilch Latte intero concentrato
Whey, whey powder, or lactoserum Petit-lait, poudre de petit-lait or petit-lait en poudre; lactosérum, poudre de lactosérum Molke, molkepulver, lactoserum Siero di latte, siero di latte in polvere
Milk solids Matière sèche du lait Milchfeststoffe Latte solidi
Lactose Lactoses Laktose Lattosio
Lactalbumin Lactalbumine Lactalbumin Lattoalbumina
Casein Caséine, caséinates Kasein Caseina
Milk curds Caillé Milch quark Latte cagliata
Animal proteins, animal fat Protéines animals, graisse animale Tierische proteine, tierische fette Le proteine ​​animali, grassi animali
Concentrated butter Beurre concentré Butterfett Burro concentrato

This is a work in progress… If you have any suggestions for additional milk-based ingredients that should be added or corrections to the translated terms, please leave a comment below or send an email to

Thanks for your help!

Updated: March 3, 2013


9 thoughts on “Milk Ingredients: French, German and Italian Translation

  1. Danielle Novak says:

    Love this! I will keep this in mind if I ever get a chance to travel with my guys.
    How about evaporated and condensed milk?

  2. Stephanie says:

    I think condensed milk might be lait concentré.

    Often cookies and chocolate contain beurre concentré.

    Whey powder is usually written ‘petit-lait en poudre’ and not poudre de petit-lait. Minor difference, but it might help someone who is just learning to read labels in another language.

    Great list! I will keep my eyes open for other milkish ingredients and their translations for you.

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