Lots of Gâteaux and Homemade Easter Chocolates

On Saturday, we finished our grocery and farmers’ market shopping early to avoid the crowds. Everything shuts down on Easter Sunday and Monday, so we stocked up in preparation for the holiday. As usual, one of our local chocolatiers had the most beautiful treats, including some gorgeous Easter cakes.

2013-03-30 08.32.49

Inspired by these beautiful cakes, I tried adapting three gâteaux recipes over the weekend. While my baking experiments tasted good, their appearance needs some perfecting. Stay tuned…

Once again, my beleaguered family had to endure all of my baking. We’ve had so much cake recently, my youngest son assumes every meal involves cake. The other night when my husband put corn bread on the table to accompany our chili, the little guy shouted with glee, “Cake! Cake! Cake!” He has most definitely inherited my sweet tooth.

Homemade Easter Egg Truffles

Yes, it’s true. I should have ordered some dairy/egg/nut-free chocolate bunnies in advance from an online retailer for Easter. However, I already had some allergy-friendly jelly beans from the United States my mother brought during her last visit. So instead, I ended up making my own little chocolate egg truffles, using cocoa powder and some of the only allergy-friendly chocolate I’ve found in Switzerland so far (that’s actually made in the UK).

First, I made some vegan chocolate fudge. Then, as it cooled, I shaped it into little eggs (or what I hoped looked like eggs). After that, I put them in the freezer, and while they hardened, melted some dark chocolate in a bowl over some boiling water. Finally, I dipped the fudge-eggs into the melted chocolate and cooled them on a wire rack. Some got sprinkled with cocoa powder.


I was delighted when my food-allergic son first saw them on Easter morning and said, “egg,” because I really thought they looked more like poop. The chocolate didn’t totally harden, so maybe another round in the freezer would have helped. Regardless, the chocolates tasted good and were (thankfully) well-received by both my boys.


I hope you had a happy and safe Easter! I’ll try and post one of my new favorite cake recipes this week. Just a little more practice to get it right…


5 thoughts on “Lots of Gâteaux and Homemade Easter Chocolates

  1. Sandy Shaw says:

    Dear Heddi, You had me laughing out loud over your descriptions in this post. I remember the fancy holiday cakes in French bakery windows too. Happy Easter to you all. Sandra

  2. Gratefulfoodie says:

    On those bakery cases do look lovely! I just bought a box of DeRuijter chocolate sprinkles. They are made in Holland. Are you familiar with these or this company? There was a warning of may contain traces of nuts, but that is it. They are UTZ certified, but I have no idea what that means.

    I found these in a bakery in our State Capital in Nevada. I would love it if you have opinions on this product. I am going to email their company right, but I also look to you as our European Food Allergy guru!

    • dairyfreeswitzerland says:

      Hi Caroline! Sorry for the delay in responding. We just got back from vacation. Wish I had more for you on this one… Don’t recall seeing this product or UTZ-certification before, but looks like it pertains to sustainable farming for coffee, tea and cocoa products. Hopefully you get some helpful info from the company!

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