Independence Day and Summer Vacation

Yesterday was the Fourth of July here in Switzerland. No fireworks, no grilling and no patriotic desserts. I had considered baking a flag-themed cake—like the gorgeous one below my friend made in Massachusetts—but didn’t have the patience to do it.

patriotic cake

Instead, I talked with my 5-year old about the Fourth of July. We also checked out a podcast and some videos from Colonial Williamsburg, which another friend had recommended. Per usual, I made a cake for the holiday, but it was a dairy and egg-free hazelnut tart that still needs perfecting.

Summer vacation officially starts today, as it’s my 5-year old’s last day of school. At the schools here, it seems traditional to hold a serious fête for the last day with costumes, parades and dancing, etc. We’ll be attending our son’s “cortége” or parade this afternoon, which winds its way through downtown. I’m washing up his blue Superman shirt now, so he can wear it with his dragon costume.

After today’s school festivities, I’ll be heading to Montreux for the first night of the jazz festival, and then off to Interlaken in the early AM. As always, I hope to discover some new Swiss culinary treats. Bon week-end, everyone!


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