Whirlwind Trip to New England

Our jet lag has nearly worn off after a whirlwind trip to New England. Two weeks just wasn’t enough to see and do everything we wanted, but we had a wonderful visit nonetheless.

To our friends and family, I want to say a big thank you for helping to accommodate our son’s food allergies during our trip. Wherever we went, I was allowed to take over the kitchen and make nearly every meal so I knew it was free of his allergens.

I’m also grateful to those of you who thoughtfully prepared allergy-friendly meals and snacks—some of which appear in the photos below. You even had ingredient lists ready to show me, so I could double-check to make sure the food was safe. Even though I love cooking, to have a break from it was such a gift.




So Many Allergy-Friendly Products

After visiting a couple mainstream grocery stores in New England, I was amazed by all the allergy-friendly products. I never make frozen pizza in Switzerland. Our grocery stores just don’t carry dairy-free pizza. Nor do they have coconut milk yogurt or ice cream, all the various milk alternatives or dairy-free macaroni and cheese. I would need to visit multiple organic markets and websites here to try and find the same selection of products.

So, we bought a few frozen pizzas one night and had them for dinner at my sister’s place. Of the three pizzas we made, one contained dairy-free cheese. Those of us who tried it weren’t big fans, but my food-allergic son ate three pieces. In the photo below, can you tell which slice doesn’t contain milk? It felt like a small victory being able to all eat pizza together that I didn’t have to make myself!


While grocery stores in Switzerland have a much smaller selection of allergy-friendly products in comparison to those I visited in New England, I’m curious to learn about and share more allergy-friendly Swiss companies and products. In the meantime, I need to try making coconut milk ice cream this month. I’ll share the recipe if it turns out!

Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

Another culinary highlight from our trip involved foraging for wild blueberries in New Hampshire. Our little guy enjoyed sitting among the low bushes and eating the berries as he picked them, à la Blueberries for Sal. I added these delicious little berries to a vegan pancake recipe I use when we’re traveling or short on time and ingredients. Up at the lake cabin, wild blueberry pancakes are traditional breakfast fare for my husband’s family. I took great pleasure in sharing a safe version with our son.

2013-07-26 12.29.17

Dairy-Free Switzerland has quietly joined the ranks using Twitter. If you’re looking for more food allergy info and recipes, please follow me. Thanks so much!


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