Cucamelon and Farmers’ Market Lunch

A morning visit to our local farmers market or “marché” is more than just a shopping trip. We enjoy seeing our favorite vendors, trying new foods and running into friends. The boys often receive small gifts as we’re purchasing our fruit and veggies, like a small carrot or half an apricot. We’re all usually gnawing on some fresh treat as we’re strolling and browsing through the market

Today, we discovered a new fruit: the cucamelon. One of the organic sellers had some for sale, and he offered them up for us to sample. The French word he used to describe it sounded to me like “concombre” (cucumber). So, I figured these were a new variety of cucumbers, but it turns out these have been grown in Central America for a while now. They resemble a teeny tiny watermelon, but have the taste and texture of a cucumber crossed with a lime. We bought a large handful of them, finished our shopping and headed home.


When we got back home, I threw the cucamelon into a spinach salad with some tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and freshly ground black pepper. I also served up some slices of dry-cured sausage, fresh bread and blackberries (full disclosure: I bought the sausage and bread at Coop so I could read a food ingredient list). A delicious farmers’ market lunch—free of milk, eggs and nuts—that took little to no time to prepare. Now if I could just get my boys to eat their veggies…


If you’re looking for farmers’ markets in Switzerland, see below for two helpful links. I have yet to find a complete directory of all these markets in Switzerland, but will share it if/when I track one down.

Have you tried cucamelon? If so, how do you prepare it? And, what are your favorite super quick, farmers’ market lunches during the summertime?


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