Longest Meal Ever: Festin Neuchâtelois 2013

I talked some friends into attending a 4-course meal of typically Swiss foods from the canton of Neuchâtel last weekend. Restaurants throughout the canton participated in Festin Neuchâtelois, including our pick—Restaurant Au Château in Colombier. Each site served a set meal of traditional dishes made with “produits du terroir” (local products). Little did I know when the meal started at noon, it would last for over 6 hours!



When I saw the posters up around town for Festin Neuchâtelois, I decided I had to attend. One of my goals for this blog is to identify Swiss recipes I can recreate at home—free of my son’s allergens. Some recipes that I’ve found, like for Pane Ticinese, don’t call for milk, eggs and nuts. For other recipes, I enjoy adapting them to include allergy-friendly ingredients, like using coconut milk to make Salée à la Crème. I thought this would be a great opportunity to try lots of local foods, all at once.

Festin Neuchâtelois did not disappoint. It was the longest meal I’ve ever had. So many delicious plates of food. For the full menu at Restaurant Au Château that day, click here (in French). The photos below provide examples of some of the dishes served during each of the “services” or courses.

1er service

DSC01172Bondelle fumée du lac” (Smoked whitefish of the lake)

DSC01175“Gelée de pied de veau à la lie” (Calf’s foot jelly, this wasn’t my favorite…)

2ème service

DSC01178“Pot-au-feu” (French beef stew)

DSC01180“Saucisson neuchâtelois IGP cuit à la braise sur pétcha” (Neuchâtel sausage)

3ème service

DSC01182“Tourte aux poireaux” (Leek pie)

DSC01168“Pièces d’agneau rôties au serpolet” (Lamb roasted with wild thyme)

4ème service

DSC01184Tarte aux fruits, Crème bachique, Parfait glacé à l’absinthe”
(Fruit tart, Bacchanalian cream, and Parfait absinthe)

All of us took home a small cookbook with the recipes from our huge feast. I’m hoping to make some of these dishes soon and will post the recipes when/if I get them right. That reminds me… If anyone knows where I can get a cheap bricelet press, please send me an email (the new one I saw here in town was CHF 240!).

As always, thanks for reading and supporting Dairy-Free Switzerland. Bon week-end!


3 thoughts on “Longest Meal Ever: Festin Neuchâtelois 2013

  1. gratefulfoodie says:

    I am simply living through you! What a lovely dinner. Culinary bliss aside, I’m impressed with how to try to bring home fabulous Swiss cooking for your child.

    Keep posting!! I’m just loving everything you post and your approach of taking life in with big gulps!

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