First Dairy-Free Ice Cream: Chocolate Coconut

When we were back in the United States over the summer, my food-allergic son ate ice cream for the first time. At local grocery stores in New England, freezer cases typically had at least one kind of dairy-free ice cream, made with ingredients like rice or coconut milk. I loved being able to serve my son ice cream. After getting over the shock of eating something so cold, he learned to love it.

Here in Suisse-Romande, there are so many wonderful ice cream treats and gelato shops. Unlike in the United States, however, we haven’t seen dairy-free ice cream options yet in our small Swiss city. So, we rarely have ice cream in our home—partially because of food allergies, but also because our freezer is not much bigger than a shoebox. As a result, my oldest son and I sneak out to our local gelateria during afternoon naptime on Saturdays, so our little guy doesn’t feel left out.


I’ve been planning to make a dairy-free ice cream all summer, but finally found the time to do it this morning. I discovered an extremely easy recipe online for Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream, and we pulled out our old ice cream maker. I think it’s been a decade since we last used it, but somehow it still ended up in the shipping container bound for Switzerland.

After we got home from school and had lunch, the boys and I dug into the chocolate ice cream to make sundaes. Even though it hadn’t quite set enough to be completely solid, we didn’t care. I chopped up some Enjoy Life chocolate bars and made a quick chocolate sauce from cocoa powder, powdered sugar and soy milk. We topped off our rich and runny sundaes with fresh raspberries. It was a huge mess, but a wonderful start to our weekend.


I checked the ice cream again this afternoon. While the texture was getting better, it still needs a few more hours in the freezer to be just right.


Now that I’ve started, I want to experiment more with dairy-free ice cream recipes. If you have any favorite recipes, please leave a comment below or send me an email. Bon week-end!


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