Marathon Weekend in Luzern

Last Friday night after dinner, we hopped on a train to Luzern (German) or Lucerne (French). I ran in the Swiss City Marathon, and we had a great time exploring one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities.

Once again, we had another weekend away from home without attempting a meal at a restaurant, but that’s primarily because we had a good hostel with a well-equipped kitchen: Backpackers’ Lucerne. Even though someone had kindly recommended Hotel des Alpes as having an allergy-friendly restaurant, we didn’t get the chance to go there. We’ll save it for another trip, as we hope to visit Luzern again soon.


Luzern’s Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

On Saturday night at the hostel, I made a very basic carbo-loading dinner for my family: pasta with sausage and spinach. When we travel, pasta with jarred tomato sauce is a staple meal, and it worked especially well for this trip. Our hostel didn’t have a restaurant, but there were a few food items for sale in the lobby. We packed along our own soy milk, and thankfully the hostel had a few small boxes of cereal we could safely serve our son for breakfast.

Here are a few more photos from Luzern and the rainy marathon:


The view across Lake Luzern


Rainy conditions during the race


Swiss alphorn performance along the course

Overall, another nice weekend in Switzerland, despite rainy weather. While I had a wonderful cheering squad, I think my family is glad my training schedule will be easing up over the winter months!

As always, if you have any recommendations for allergy-friendly restaurants or accommodations in Switzerland, please leave a comment below or send me an email


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