Afternoon Gaufres (Waffeln)

On Sunday afternoon, we ate delicious homemade “gaufres” or waffles. I smothered the perfectly browned and rectangular waffle with fresh “griotte” or sour cherry jam. Then, we sprinkled powdered sugar on top and ate them with our hands. Apparently, waffles aren’t a typical breakfast dish in Switzerland. Instead, people eat waffles as a snack or for dessert. Also, I’ve been reading that Swiss waffles typically contain lemon zest.


Waffles generally contain dairy AND eggs, so our 2-year old ate the homemade cookies I had packed along. He didn’t seem to mind at all. However, he’s starting to notice more and more that his snacks and meals don’t always match those of the people around him. This afternoon, I really wanted to try and make waffles he could safely eat at home.

Unfortunately—even though I made two different batches of waffle batter—neither recipe worked with my waffle iron. When the green light clicked on and I lifted the lid, both waffle versions stuck and had to be gently scraped out with a fork.

My waffle iron just might be getting old. Maybe I didn’t grease it enough (although it’s non-stick)? Maybe the absence of dairy and eggs had something to do with it? Or, maybe it’s because I used a transformer for my US-purchased waffle iron?

Either way, I gave up. I threw away my waffle iron. We stopped making waffles, and I put the remaining batter in the fridge. Tonight, I used the leftover batter to make pancakes, and we had breakfast for dinner. My oldest son has been asking for this anyway, so he finally got his wish.

If you have a favorite waffle recipe (sans dairy, eggs and almonds), please comment below or send it my way! And, for those who might be keeping track of such things, there will be a rectangular Swiss waffle iron on my Christmas list this year…


7 thoughts on “Afternoon Gaufres (Waffeln)

  1. Krista Anderson says:

    Heddi, I don’t have waffle-making experience, but certainly did try a lot of dairy-free baking in the past. Does your egg substitute have an equivalent amount of fat in it, compared to eggs? I wonder if a lower fat content might make it stick in the grids more. I’m assuming you tried greasing it even though it was the nonstick sort? I have nonstick pans that still benefit from a good spraying with Pam…

    • dairyfreeswitzerland says:

      Hi Krista! Thanks for weighing in. It was weird. The first waffle stuck a little, so I greased it with dairy-free margarine (it’s non-stick, so I normally don’t at all). Then the subsequent waffles stuck even more. Yes, I think fat content must have contributed. I need to look for a nonstick spray product here. Might be good for bundt pans too! 🙂 Thanks so much, Heddi

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