Switzerland’s National Day of Allergy 2014

March 27, 2014 – Today marks Switzerland’s 6th annual Journée Nationale de l’Allergie (National Day of Allergy), which is organized by the aha! Centre d’Allergie Suisse (Swiss Allergy Center), a nonprofit organization based in Bern. According to aha!, about 3 million people in Switzerland are living with allergies, asthma or intolerances. The key message for this event is to ensure that people are well-informed and taking preventative measures in order to significantly improve their quality of life.

Source: aha!

In Switzerland today, you can view allergy-related issues and themes broadcast on large screens at the following train stations. These images are intended to stimulate interest and encourage thousands of commuters to learn about allergies.

  • Basel*
  • Bellinzona*
  • Bern*
  • Geneva*
  • Lausanne*
  • Lucerne*
  • St . Gallen
  • Zug
  • Zurich HB Stadelhofen
  • Zurich*
  • Zurich Enge
  • Winterthur

*Informational materials will also be distributed at these stations.

Thanks to aha! for all their hard work to prepare for the National Day of Allergy. It’s great to see an annual event like this—and in locations throughout the country—to help to increase awareness of allergies and provide support for those living with allergies every day.

FYI – The aha! Centre d’Allergie Suisse is also organizing a children’s camp in Crans-Montana in October 2014 for kids ages 8-12 living with allergies, asthma, intolerances and atopic eczema. For more information, click here or contact aha! at 031 359 90 50 or info@aha.ch.


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