Comparing Milk Substitutes: Coop and Migros

When I was a kid, I would drink a large glass of cold milk with every meal. Unfortunately, my son can’t do the same because of his milk allergy. Instead, we give him soy milk fortified with calcium. Thankfully, he loves the stuff. At the same time though, I’m always looking for new brands that have a perfect combination of nutrition, taste and an affordable price.

Alnatura Products 2355x2676.13

So, when Migros sent me a complimentary box of Alnatura’s organic products for my family to try—including several different kinds of milk substitutes—it seemed like a good time to to reevaluate which milk substitute is best for my son. Migros recently started offering Alnatura products via its home-delivery site,, and in selected stores. Here’s what I’ve compiled so far to compare the milk substitutes from two major Swiss supermarkets—Migros and Coop—based on a review of their websites today: July 11, 2014.

Dairy-Free Milk Substitutes: Coop and Migros

Product type Coop Migros

Almond Milk

None listed isola Bio Mandorla Boisson aux amandes Bio, 1 liter
(reg. 4.80 CHF, on sale for 3.90 CHF)
Oat Milk Coop Naturaplan Bio Boisson à l’avoine, 1 liter
(Not available online; price not listed)
Alnatura Drink avoine (hafer) et calcium or natur, 1 liter
(2.30 CHF)
Quinoa Milk Naturaplan Bio Max Havelaar Boisson de quinoa & riz
liter (3.50 CHF)quinoa_drinkCOOP 2351x3137.28
None listed
Rice Milk-Calcium None listed Alnatura Drink riz calcium, 1 liter (2.30 CHF)

Isola Bio, Boisson au riz Nature – avec calcium
, 1 liter
(reg. 3.50 CHF, on sale for 2.80 CHF)
Rice Milk-Nature Naturaplan Bio Boisson au riz nature, 1 liter (3.30 CHF)Boisson au riz_coop aha Boisson au riz, 5 dl
(1.65 CHF)
reisdrinkMIGROS 2168x2892.56
Isola Bio, Lait végétal à base de riz nature
, 1 liter
(reg. 3.40 CHF, on sale for 2.70 CHF)
Rice Milk with Almond Coop Naturaplan Bio Boisson au riz amandes, 1 liter (3.40 CHF)riceMilkALMONDCOOP 2255x3137.22 Bio Boisson au riz-Amandes, 1 liter
(2.80 CHF)

Isola Bio Boisson à base de riz-Amande, 1 liter
(reg. 3.80 CHF, on sale for 2.90 CHF)
Spelt Milk None listed Alnatura Drink à l’épeautre (dinkel) natur and calcium,
1 liter (2.90 CHF)dinkel_drinkMIGROS 2081x3233.24
Soy Milk-Calcium Sojasun Soya drink avec calcium, 1 liter (3.45 CHF)CoopSoyMilk_calcium 2214x3264.59 Alnatura Drink soja et calcium, 1 liter (1.60 CHF) 

Soja Line aha – Drink Boisson au soja avec du calcium 100% végétal, 1 liter (1.90 CHF)soymilk

Soy Milk-Nature Naturaplan Bio Drink au soja nature, 1 liter (1.90 CHF)CoopSoyMilknaturaplan
Sojasun Soya drink nature, 1 liter (2.20 CHF)SoyMilk_NaturCoop 2341x3096.02
Alnatura Drink au soja nature, 1 liter (1.60 CHF)SoyMilkNatur_Migros 2026x3233.10
Soja Line aha – Drink Boisson Bio nature-100% végétal
, 1 liter (1.90 CHF) 

Soyana Soy Drink, Boisson à base de fèves de soya bio Original,
1 liter (3.20 CHF)

Soy Milk-Vanille None listed Alnatura Drink soja vanille, 1 liter (1.90 CHF)soymilkVANILLE 1802x3218.28

Please note: I focused on the more typical milk substitutes intended as beverages (e.g., those beverages marked with “Drink”). Also, I have not included lactose-free milk substitutes that include other forms of dairy or chocolate-flavored milk substitutes. Finally, the actual selection of these products can vary at each individual store.

Full disclosure: I received a complimentary box of Alnatura products from Migros, as shown in the photo above. However, I did not receive any compensation from Coop or Migros, and any opinions expressed in this or any of my other posts are solely my own.

We have a grocery order arriving at our home this evening, so we’ll be doing some taste tests this weekend. What are your favorite milk substitutes in Switzerland? Bon week-end, everyone!


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