Here’s a list of allergy-friendly restaurants in Switzerland based on our family’s experiences and from recommendations of others living and traveling with food allergies and intolerances. Please help add to this list by leaving a comment below or sending me an email. Thanks for your help!

For some excellent tools and resources on dining out with food allergies, please check out Food Allergy Research & Education.

Multiple locations

  • McDonald’s – Recommended by a mother whose son has peanut and other nut allergies. We ate at the Luzern McDonald’s by the station in January 2015. It was such a treat for my son to eat the same “Happy Meal” as his brother! McDonald’s has information online (in French, German and Italian) about its ingredients and allergens, including potential traces of allergens in its menu items.
  • Tibits – A vegetarian restaurant we haven’t been to, but we’ve heard it does a good job of labeling potential allergens. Tibits has locations in Bern, Basel, Winterthur and Zurich.
  • Vapiano – The pizza crust at Vapiano is apparently made without dairy, so a family from Zurich wrote to say that they order pizza here without cheese for a dairy-free option. They have locations in Basel, Fribourg, Geneva and Lausanne.



  • Helveg cafe & boutique – I received a recommendation in August 2014 for this cafe in Geneva, which describes itself as “vegan gourmet” and caters to those intolerant to gluten, lactose and eggs. I hope to visit this restaurant soon!
  • Da Pulcinella – This restaurant has made dairy-free pasta and pizza for a family that brings in their own vegan cheese from home.

Please note: In November 2014, Le Petit Chou in Geneva published a list of 12 restaurants in Geneva with gluten-free and/or lactose-free dining options. It includes the Helveg cafe listed above.


  • Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald – A four-star hotel with an excellent restaurant that served our son a delicious allergy-friendly meal in July 2014. It’s within walking distance of the Grindelwald Youth Hostel, where we stayed during our weekend in Grindelwald.


  • Hotel Beausite – The restaurant at the hotel was recommended for accommodating peanut allergy.


  • Da Carlo – While I haven’t eaten here, the owner of this restaurant contacted me in May 2014. This restaurant can serve gluten-free pasta and pizza, and on Sundays, it has a special children’s area. A friend recently ate at this restaurant and wrote to say the food was very good, and the staff was very friendly.
  • GeA Gelateria Artigianale – With two locations in Lausanne, GeA offers gelato free of lactose, gluten, dried fruits, eggs and soy. A section of their website is devoted to food intolerances.
  • Le Jardin: Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne – Located in Ouchy and recommended by a mother whose son has peanut and other nut allergies.


  • Odélices: A bakery and caterer that specializes in products sans lactose and gluten. We haven’t been there yet, but Le Blog de Dave posted about this bakery and its owners in December 2013.



  • 360°-Restaurant Piz Gloria – Known as the world’s first revolving mountain restaurant, there are views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Recommended for accommodating peanut allergy (e.g., soup and sandwiches).
  • Hotel Jungfrau – Hotel restaurant recommended for accommodating peanut allergy.


  • Maison des Halles – Another recommendation from someone with multiple food allergies. The Café des Halles menu includes several items marked as “gluten-free,” including bread.


  • Ristorante Nostra Pizzeria – Located in the Hotel Engadinerhof, this restaurant was recommended for accommodating peanut allergy.


  • Cervo Zermatt – This wonderful restaurant prepared an allergy-friendly meal of sea bass, pasta and carrots for our son in April 2014. Great food, good service and an amazing view of the Matterhorn. For the moment, this is my favorite restaurant in Switzerland.
  • Parkhotel Beau Site – We ate here in April 2014, and the restaurant made allergy-friendly spaghetti for our son. Excellent food and service in a formal setting at a historic Zermatt hotel.


  • Brasserie Louis – This restaurant is willing to make allergy-friendly substitutions (e.g., plain grilled chicken for breaded chicken).
  • Cafe Bohemia – Recommended by a parent of a food-allergic child living in Zurich.
  • Commihale – Italian food. Recommended for accommodating peanut allergy. English-speaking staff.
  • Novotelcafé Restaurant: We ate at the Hotel Novotel – Zurich City West’s restaurant in December 2013.
  • Restaurant Degenried – Located on the edge of Zurich in a forest, this restaurant is willing to serve plain grilled meats on request.
  • Restaurant Hiltl – Recommended to us via the English Forum for Switzerland, we ate at Hiltl in December 2013. Check out the “Declaration” section of the website, which introduces key terms used to identify ingredients on their menus (e.g., “Mi” = milk ingredients and “Ei” = egg ingredients).
  • Spaghetti Factory – This restaurant has two locations in Zurich, Hechtplatz and Rosenhof. Recommended for accommodating a patron with peanut allergy. Has English-speaking staff.
  • Special Bites – You can order gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan cakes and sweets that can be picked up at their location in Zurich. We ordered some cakes and cookies from Special Bites in January 2015 and were very impressed.
  • Vegelateria – I read an article about this place from in August 2015. Looks promising! Lots of vegan gelato options.
  • Widder Restaurant – Located within a 5-star hotel in the center of Zurich, a kind reader emailed to say that the restaurant’s chef is very used to accommodating patrons with food allergies and intolerances.

Updated: September 12, 2015


15 thoughts on “Restaurants

  1. Lili Giglia says:

    I remember in 2005, I went to a pizza place in Lausanne that served pizza with soya cheese… was delicious, but not sure if it’s still there!!

  2. Lili Giglia says:

    Have you been able to find much dairy free cheese? I have to get it brought in from the UK for now, but would prefer to try something other than the dairy free mozzarella I found in Migros with the AHA brand. Please let me know if you find anything else!! Thanks Lili

    • dairyfreeswitzerland says:

      Lili, thanks so much for your very helpful comments. I’ve never seen dairy-free cheese at Migros, but will be heading there tomorrow to check it out. We’ve found one non-dairy cheese option online, but it contains nut butter, so it wasn’t an option for us. We haven’t tried it, but it was recommended by a friend. Now that we’re starting to slowly introduce nuts, I may need to order some. If you happen to try it, please let us know what you think! 🙂 Many thanks, Heddi

    • dairyfreeswitzerland says:

      Lili, I found the Migros aha! brand cheese at our local store. However, it was lactose-free mozzarella cheese, which I don’t think will work for my son’s dairy allergy. Apparently, lactose-free stuff can still contain casein, another milk protein. If I find out it’s OK, I’ll be sure to share this info with others. Many thanks.

    • Heddi says:

      Hello Atheer, I have a few places listed above for Geneva and Lucerne, which were recommended by folks for having gluten-free options. I always recommend contacting the restaurant in advance, just to make sure they can accommodate your request. Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions yet for Interlaken, other than I’ve seen an Irish restaurant recommended online before, and their menu lists some gluten-free items. Here’s the link: Did you mean Ancy in France? I’m sorry I don’t have any recommendations for gluten-free or allergy-free dining in France. I hope this helps, and if you think of it, please let me know what you think of these places (or others), if you get the chance to try them. Many thanks!

  3. basgystien says:

    Vapiano is a chain of italian food restaurant. Besides Zurich, there are restaurants in Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg and Basel. I think this one can be moved to “Multiple locations”.

    Besides that, I’ve been once to Da Carlo in Lausanne and I wasn’t aware they had gluten free food, but the food was very good and the staff very friendly. Same thing for the Gelateria. I approved those places 🙂

    About Zurich, I’ve never been to a place where they don’t speak english at all in a year. So you can assume that most restaurants have an “english-speaking staff”.

    • Heddi says:

      Hi Bastien! Such thoughtful advice. Thank you very much for taking the time to share it. Just made some edits based on your suggestions. Merci beaucoup! -Heddi

  4. Peter Dixon says:

    I’m a peanut allergy sufferer, so often have trouble eating at restaurants. That’s why my company have created a website,, to make allergen-friendly menu creation easy.

    Menus are entered into the system, and full allergen information is specified for each dish. This allergen information is then reproduced on all menus, whether printed or put into the restaurant website. If a dish’s allergen information changes, it takes 30 seconds to update it and online menus are automatically updated.

    What’s more, allows restaurants to filter menus to exclude allergens before printing. Imagine going to a restaurant and being handed a menu containing only dishes you can eat, instead of having to look through all the ones you can’t. That’s what restaurants using Free My Menu can do.

  5. Tamara says:

    I went to Le Caramar especially because it was listed here and it was out first night in Geneva. I wouldn’t particularly recommend it – when I went they initially said they had nothing sans gluten, then came back and said there were two dishes that e would be ok. Both were seafood based. It didn’t seem a particularly gluten friendly place to eat.
    In comparison, humble Coop near the Bel Air tram stop had delicious GF hamburger patties and there were some GF sides as well. I had to ask but to me this was a much better option! I wouldn’t go to Le Caramar again.
    Just for your info.

    • Heddi says:

      Hello Tamara, Thank you very much for the feedback on this restaurant. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. I have removed it from the site. I’m glad you were able to find a safe meal at Coop. Many thanks!

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